Practice what you preach

Practice what you preach
In all honesty the statement only leads into deceit.
Simple four words but they have changed more than you think. Now do you see? All the legit advice that you’ve let down all because they never followed it and you thought they were clowns…

What is this statement?

For starters, these four words aren’t anything new to your ears nor your eyes. It’s a statement that has for long been there and often used as form of inducing discipline, but does it?

Well, here is the tricky part. As humans, we have over adopted the saying “Action speaks louder than words” to the point that the words no longer hold value. To be on the clear, I’m not saying that any of these statements are wrong, but the mindset they have planted in us over time is what is disgustingly wrong. I will later on explain.

Now back to what this statement actually is, I personally look at it as a disciplinary exclamation or a reminder in simple terms for leaders to set an example to their following or pack. Now who are these leaders? you may ask. They can be anything from Pastors, Parents, Guardians, Doctors, Congress men, Advisors, Peers, etc. and that also includes you, we.

Anyways, sounds a bit straight forward and all dotted up huh? Exactly, that’s where the danger is.

The bad in the good, the Danger

As good as it is, a form of alignment, lets quickly tackle what you are here for.

There is always so much to one side of the story that most people don’t get to see and, in this case, why the “Preacher” doesn’t practice their own preaching(s). The breakdown is like that of the ‘Giver and Receiver’ as explained in my previous article, “Helping hands and Selflessness.” (Available on my page :)). But don’t you worry, I will yet explain again as per our discussion.

Now the question “Why aren’t they practicing what they are preaching?” can be countered with “Why aren’t you abiding/paying attention to the preaching alone?” and if your answer would be, “Because the leader is not setting an example,” then you are in for it. Why you may ask, great! You’re on track, no need for the confusion.

If you look back at the four- and five-word statements that were introduced earlier, you will notice that they work hand in hand and they influence our day to day thought processing. Here is why, the more you hear and use each one of the statements, the more your mind is tuned/tricked into only grasping the piece of information or advice given by your leaders upon confirming that they do also practice the same.

In a sense, most time is spent evaluating your preachers instead of picking the points they are trying to deliver. Seemingly, one might also argue that it’s not all advice that is true, ethical, or beneficial. That to me is logical, and it is something that we cannot run away from and in that scenario, one use that line of thought as an excuse to not follow their leaders’ directions. The whole picture in a frame also brings us down being selective with the advice(s) we engulf and digest, but that alone is another topic which is more or less self-explanatory that the one at hand.

That being said, you can personally weigh in the difference between wandering away from a teaching because the leader doesn’t set an example and wandering away from a teaching because it is false. In short, the mindset that is being planted is that which is making us oversee what is right by the virtual of having the source in the wrong.

Why they don’t practice, hidden secrets

Definitely the clearance you have been waiting for.
Here is the other side of the story we don’t get to hear nor read but fortunately enough, you get to read it today.

First and foremost, it all falls down to LOVE. Yes, LOVE and here is why;
Despite your leaders not setting an example by practicing what they are preaching, they proceed with their preaching with all acknowledgment that they themselves are heading in the wrong direction. And of course, your question is again why? Well, in most settings, the common reason comes down to them not wanting their following to end up as miserable as they are.

You may come to notice if you pay attention, that most of the times these people have been facing different sets of problems for so long that they fail to draw out of them even after multiple attempts to the point that they end up knowledgeable enough to know how not to end up in those sets of problems but at the same time accepting their fate. Now that’s love, and as controversial as it may sound, these people also do deserve credit despite them not setting the example because they are trying so hard to align you in the right direction so that you don’t end up like them.

Roughly speaking, the statement “Practice what you preach” can also be hurtful in the sense that one might not know the back story of their leader but then ends up on the forefront of pointing fingers. In a way, you can look at it as sacrifice that these people do instead, even though in the wrong but they manage to sacrifice their time, energy and resources in trying to correct wrongs in others of which they failed to do so too in their own lives and of course, you might counter this with the verse that goes like “Do not remove a speck in a friends eye when you have a log in yours,” which again is on point but you must also sit down to meditate on all these statements and verses to see where exactly they are coming from and how best to apply them in life because not everything is to be taken literally as said or written.

Just to get you back on track, a great example of someone not practicing what they preach is a severe drunkard or drug abuser who often goes about telling their sober peers to never end up like them or abstain from such an abuse. They themselves are far from sobering up but they understand their situation and don’t wish it on anyone else.


By the end of the day, it also falls down to one’s willingness to learn and change for the better as there are always two sides of the coin to choose from, the negative and the positive and it is as well in all your might to balance the coin and view it from all perspectives. Everything has an explanation to those eager to understand.

Listen wisely with an open heart.

Nothing is as clear as it seems.

Sacrifice is a form of love.

Do not be quick to judge.

Yours Truly,
Wonderful Shammah Kaitane



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